timber and our future

Durabeam® & Unilam® - A "Greener" Solution

Durabeam® is made only from locally sourced, sustainably managed Australian White Cypress and is a patent product exclusive to LTS. Other Laminated beam products may contain timbers that are sourced from international rainforests, be sure to insist that the timbers used in your specified beams are not rainforest species such as Alaskan Yellow cedar or Yellow cypress!

Durabeam® and Unilam® products help protect the environment. The growing of managed plantation timbers for manufacturing, whilst young absorb co² reducing gas emissions to the atmosphere. When harvested and processed, timber uses up very little energy compared to steel, that consumes up to 24 times and aluminium consumes a massive 126 times more energy per tonne. Durabeam® and Unilam® are an excellent alternative to steel, not only as a renewable resource but by using solar energy to aid in the growing and manufacturing of these timber products.