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Durabeam® GL10 Cypress (F11)


• 100% Australian owned and manufactured
• Made to order up to 18 meters in .300mm increments
• Uses locally sourced Australian White Cypress plantation timber
• Natural termite resistance (no treatment required)
• The highest durability rating available (durability class1)
• Used For Exterior and Termite areas
• Very low and uniform shrinkage
• Outstanding structural stability
• Premium "A" grade appearance and finish (as standard)
• Laminated Beams and Posts available
• GLTAA endorsed (AS1328)
• Used in award winning projects across Australia
• Beam of choice by Architects and builders.

Durabeam® GL10 Cypress (F11)

Durabeam ® GL10 is a proudly Australian owned and manufactured product made from Australian White Cypress; an excellent termite resistant, locally sourced and sustainably managed structural timber, which has greater resistance to rot and decay over all other commercially available softwoods and most hardwoods. Australian White Cypress has a hard wearing surface making it perfect for both internal and external building applications offering the top durability rating available (Durability Class 1) and boasts a premium "A" grade appearance finish as standard, meaning less fill and sand time onsite for an overall superior look and finish.

Durabeam ® GL10 also offers the highest structural classification over most hardwoods including; Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Yellow Cypres,s Macrocarpa, Oregon and Pine, it has the lowest uniform shrinkage of all commercially used Australian timbers which in turn provides exceptional stability in exterior applications. Durabeam ® GL10 can be found used in hundreds of projects Australia wide from large architectural developments to award winning housing and display homes.

Laminated Timber Supplies has developed the original Durabeam ® GL10 product range over many years utilising long term weathering tests, laboratory strength testing and development of seasoning, grading selection and special glue formulation to produce this patented unique laminated product.

Durabeam ® GL10 has been produced to meet the Glued Laminated Timber Association of Australia all relative Australian Standards.

Be aware of imitations made from non-locally sourced timbers and always insist that your beams follow the GLTAA standard to avoid poor quality lamination and product failure. Always insist on Durabeam ®.

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Durabeam® GL10 Cypress (F11) Specifications

Durabeam ® GL10 is rated as a F11 equivalent made to order to any size up to 18.0m in .300mm increments and can be manufacture to the following sizes:


Depth 40mm 65mm 85mm 110mm 130mm

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All orders work on a lead time from Wednesday –Thursday; LTS will ensure that any delays in delivery are forewarned to avoid disappointment. Each order is banded, chocked and plastic wrapped for protection from ground moisture whilst onsite.

We also recommend you protect your Durabeam ® GL10 with Cutek CD50 Timber preservative this will provide outstanding structural dimensional stability and prolonged service life.

Laminated Timber Supplies can also assist you in working out the required beams sizes to accommodate any span and load for your project or design, why not send us your plans and let our extensive years of project experience assist you in ensuring you specify the right size beam for your job with the help of our advanced beam programs. CALL US TODAY FOR EXPERT ADVICE!

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Characteristics of Australian White Cypress

Wood Properties

Wood Properties Scientific Name: Callitris glaucophylla
Colour The heartwood varies from light to dark yellow brown and sapwood is creamy white.
Grain Very fine with an even texture and generally straight.
Knots are common.
Density 675kgm³ at 12% moisture content; approximately 1.5m³ of seasoned sawn timber per tonne.
Strength Groups S5 unseasoned; SD6 seasoned.
Stress Grades F11 - visually graded for structural purposes.
Shrinkage to 12% MC 2.6% (tangential); 2.4% (radial).
Unit Shrinkage 0.26% (tangential); 0.22% (radial).
Durability above-ground Class 1 - life expectancy over 50 years. Heartwood highly resistant to decay when fully exposed to the weather.
Durability in-ground Class 2 - life expectancy 15 to 20 years. Heartwood moderately resistant to decay when used in the ground.

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