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Unilam® GL13 Pine (F14)


• Australian alternative to GL13 Oregon
• Made to order up to 18 meters in .300mm increments
• Available in Treated H3 or Untreated
• Uses locally sourced Australian Radiata Pine plantation timber
• Premium "A" grade appearance and finish (as standard)
• Laminated curved beams available
• 100% GLTAA endorsed (AS1328)

Unilam® GL13 Pine (F14)

Unilam ® GL13 PINE is a proudly Australian owned and manufactured product made from Australian Radiata Pine (Pinus Radiata); an excellent locally sourced and sustainably managed structural timber used in most common building applications today.

Unilam ® GL13 PINE is a powerful beam with high stiffness properties allowing it to be utilized for maximum loads over large spans with the smallest possible end section.

Unilam ® GL13 PINE beams have a proven fire resistance. The char forming on the outside perimeter of members prevents continuous combustion maintaining maximum strength for the longest periods plus Radiata Pine has outstanding natural thermal and acoustic qualities. Unilam ® GL13 beams have resilience permitting it to absorb wind shock and impacts that could otherwise cause failure in other structural materials.

Unilam ® GL13 PINE beams are also one of the lightest engineered timber beams and weighs approximately 80kg per cubic meter (lighter the plywood beam LVL) which makes for lighter work during both construction and transport.

Unilam ® GL13 PINE beams when treated, can be used outdoors for above ground use in non-exposed applications (sub-floor), visual applications (pergolas) and quite often used in corrosive environments (swimming pool enclosures) The light organic solvent preservative provides protection from fungi, mould, termites and wood borers and with the correct surface treatment and maintenance, will give many years in service.

Onsite care for your Unilam ® GL13 PINE beam - GL13 beams come plastic wrapped for onsite storage, once onsite Unilam ® GL13 PINE beams should be left on level bearers with the plastic wrap slit open on the under side to prevent water build up under the beam.

When the beam is ready for positioning protective wrap should always be removed to ensure the correct installation. Unilam ® GL13 has been roller stamped "TOP SIDE" to avoid being incorrectly fitted. After installation the top face of the beam should not be visible from the ground view.

Protect your Unilam ® GL13 PINE beam surface with Cutek CD50 Timber preservative this will provide outstanding structural dimensional stability and prolong the service life of the product.

Make sure you include Unilam ® GL13 PINE in your next building project and remember...

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Unilam® GL13 Pine (F14) Specifications

Availablein the following sizes:


Depth 38mm 50mm 60mm 80mm 110mm 130mm

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