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Unilam® GL13 Oregon (F14)


• Made to order up to 18 meters in .300mm increments
• Alternative to GL13 Radiata Pine
• High strength to weight ratio
• Premium "A" grade appearance and finish (as standard)
• 100% GLTAA endorsed (AS1328)

Unilam® GL13 Oregon (F14)

Made from Oregon (pseudotsuga spp.) or Douglas fir it is one of the most important commercial softwoods. On this side of the world, it is grown in plantations in western Victoria and New Zealand (in limited quantities).

Unilam ® GL13 OREGON beams can be used in applications both above-ground and where exposed to the weather. Mature virgin forest Oregon is classed as durable; however, the plantation product, if exposed to the weather, must be adequately waterproofed and maintained. This plantation-grown variety has a looser grain than the Canadian and American (old growth) versions and does not have such high load-bearing qualities. Used for structural framing it has
a reputation as an excellent all purpose wood of great dependability and appearance.

Unilam ® GL13 OREGON beams are recognised by architects and engineers for its high strength to weight ratio. Builder's like the simplicity of Oregon and its properties as it works well with power and hand tools and possesses excellent nail and screw holding ability.

Onsite care for your Unilam ® GL13 Oregon beam - GL13 Oregon beams come plastic wrapped for onsite storage, once onsite Unilam ® GL13 beams should be left on level bearers with the plastic wrap slit open on the underside to prevent water build up under the beam.

Because Oregon is a timber that is difficult to treat we recommend using Cutek CD50 Timber preservative on your Unilam ® GL13 Oregon beam as part of your application coating and ongoing maintenance schedule. This will ensure prolonged dimensional stability, reduction of rot and decay and ultimately better service life for your beam.

Don't underestimate the potential of Unilam ® GL13 Oregon on your next building project...

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Unilam® GL13 Oregon (F14) Specifications

Availablein the following sizes:


Depth 80mm 130mm

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